Wflogs and fwlogwatch: a comparison

I was a fwlogwatch user. It's a cool tool, but it lacked some features that I really needed. So I looked at the code, but I quickly realized that it had not the modular design that I was looking for. So I ended up writing wflogs in C++, so it could be perfectly integrated into the WallFire project (the big picture).

Today, wflogs is not so far from the tool that I was looking for. So here is a little comparison (as objective as possible ;-) between the two tools, and let's see what can still be improved. If you have comments, please let me know.

What wflogs and fwlogwatch both do:

What wflogs [v0.9.5] does, that fwlogwatch [v0.9.3] cannot do:

What fwlogwatch [v0.9.3] does, that wflogs [v0.9.5] cannot do:

Somewhat subjective comments on fwlogwatch functionnalities missing in wflogs: